About Us


TAB Office Systems Inc. was started by Tom Hunter in 1987. TAB started out selling end-tab, color-coded filing systems that you saw in every doctor’s office across the State, as well as high-density mobile filing systems. After many years of being successful with this venture, Tom could see immanent changes on the horizon with everything headed towards a digital world. At that point Tom decided to switch his focus to document/file storage and office furniture. He and his wife Theresa Hunter developed the business into what it is today. They continued to have success through the 2000’s and managed to make it through the trying times of COVID even though the office furniture business took a huge hit when everybody started working from home. Theresa stepped down as the office manager in 2020 when they sold the business to their son Michael Cicio. Tom has continued to work as a mentor/sales consultant through 2023 when he is
scheduled to officially retire. Mike, Marty and Jess are motivated to continue the long-term success by following the path that was put forward by Tom and Theresa over the years. Our company slogan is “Big enough to compete; small
enough to care”. We feel that this is what sets us apart from our competition and we try to live by this motto every day for our customers.


Michael Cicio – Owner/President – Mike started out working part-time for TAB while in high school as TAB was formerly owned by his Step-Father and Mother; Tom and Theresa Hunter. Mike worked his way up through the ranks from
moving document/file boxes to doing installations and repair services. Then took a position managing the warehouse when the company was located in Kennebunk. In 2015 Mike was promoted to a salesperson, then in 2021 Mike bought the company from his parents to become the new owner/president. Mike has a vast knowledge of the working components of all types of furniture and applies this knowledge into every job he designs for customers.

Jessica Birmingham – Office Manager – Jessica became the office manager at TAB in 2020. She manages all the bookkeeping, ordering, accounts receivable and payable. She also oversees all scheduling, shipping/receiving, tracking,
and damage claims. Although her position is currently part-time, it is a full-time job keeping us all organized and in line.

Marty Birmingham – Sales & Design Associate – Marty started with TAB in 2022. Although new to the office furniture world, Marty has over 20 years of sales experience under his belt. He has quickly become proficient with furniture sales
and design services. Marty believes wholeheartedly that success is based on putting customers first in every interaction.